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Jakes Funeral Details

Jake Harris Funeral

Friday, 28 June 2013 14:15 Rochdale Crematorium/Richmond Hall We would love you to pay your respects and give Jake the send off he deserves. Please inbox for further details.

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I will never forget when Jake and Chris decided to take part in Movember in my Dads memory. They both came running into my house,pointing at each other and laughing every 2 minutes. We were in absolute hysterics everytime one of them turned around. Everytime I needed a laugh I would text Jake and ask him to send me a photo of himself,it kept me entertained for a whole month!! Aside from the fact that it was hilarious,it was such a kind and brave thing for an image conscious young lad to do and it showed what a heart of gold he had and how he never took himself too seriously. Just one of the reasons that I am eternally proud of the young man he became and I am blessed to have had him in my family God bless angel Auntie Lauren xxxxx

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A true legend

Jake Harris 2013

I met Jake when i worked in the nightclub in tod. i’ll never forget the night he stole half my tub of pringles, crunched them up and threw then in the air. i laughed so much-it were always the case when Jake were around. No one had a bad word to say about him. A true legend with a huge heart. FOREVER 21. RIP sweetie <3

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Inked For Jake

border rose tattoo studio

Id just like to thank those wonderful people down at Border Rose Tattoo Studio in Littleborough for all the work the have put in doing the tattoos in memory of Jake. For those of you who dont know, Abi, Rob and James have been tattooing what must now be hundreds of people with the tattoo that meant most to Jake. As you can see its a swallow, and the guys (sorry and Girl) down at Border Rose have been charging £40 for the tattoo with all proceeds going to Jakes memorial fund. So if you want to get inked for Jake, give the guys at Border Rose a ring on 07880 935 828 and they will try and fit you in. Once again. Cheers Guys..  

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I remember Jake’s grandads tears of joy when Jake was born and his fears and tears when he was diagnosed with a heart problem as a baby. Probably the only one smiling now is his grandad Bruce as he holds out his arms to him in that better place. I’m so sorry Luke, Jane,, Liz and all your family. Lynn (Rochdale Enterprise days with Bruce)

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Funeral Arrangements


Just to let everyone know that unfortunately we are unable to confirm funeral arrangements. We are hoping to be able to confirm dates within the next few days however would advise against people making decisions based on hearsay. We will post arrangements/venue etc at the earliest opportunity, however if you would like to discuss anything then feel free to use the ‘contact us’ section of the website.

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Jakes DJ Fundraiser

Jake Fundraiser

There is a fundraiser event for Jake to be held at the Darli Bar in Rochdale this Saturday the 8th June. The event will be hosted by Jak Devine & Zacky C with DJ’s Nick Ashworth, Matt Fitton, Jon Da Fox, Dale Blezard and Jack Rhodes. Its £3.00 Entry and runs from 10pm – 3am For more info call 07415222340 ALL MONEY RAISED WILL GO TOWARDS JAKES FUNERAL FUND

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Always a smile

Jake at our bbq

I will always remember a time that makes me chuckle whenever I think of it. Me, Jake, Luke, Jane and Jade all went to China Town in Manchester for a Chinese Buffet. Jake was the last one to sit down with his food after he had been to the condiment section. He sat down with his food and I noticed what looked like bits of wood all over the top of his noodles. When asked what it was,

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