Jake Harris Memorial Website. 29 October 1991 - 28 May 2013
Jake at our bbq

Always a smile

I will always remember a time that makes me chuckle whenever I think of it.
Me, Jake, Luke, Jane and Jade all went to China Town in Manchester for a Chinese Buffet. Jake was the last one to sit down with his food after he had been to the condiment section. He sat down with his food and I noticed what looked like bits of wood all over the top of his noodles. When asked what it was, Jake didn’t know but thought as it was with the rest of the condiments, he’d give it a go. Turns out he’d picked up a handful of little triangular toothpicks and sprinkled them over his food.
Jake, you always made me smile, you were one in a million and a credit to your family.
I was proud to have known you, may you be bringing joy to those above.