Jake Harris Memorial Website. 29 October 1991 - 28 May 2013
  • Siblings

    The Best brother in the world!

  • Family

    A son the family could be proud of.

  • Party Animal

    Fun times to be had.

  • The Joker

    Always ready to put a smile on your face

  • Friends

    You couldnt want more in a friend.

  • Jakes Funeral Details

    Jakes Funeral Details

    Friday, 28 June 2013 14:15 Rochdale Crematorium/Richmond Hall We would love you to pay your respects and give Jake the send off he deserves. Please inbox for further details.
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  • Movember


  • A true legend

    A true legend

  • Inked For Jake

    Inked For Jake

  • Tears


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  • Jakes Funeral Details
  • Movember
  • A true legend
  • Inked For Jake
  • Tears
  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Jakes DJ Fundraiser
  • Always a smile
  • Jakey boy
  • I remember Jake Best When….